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Offbeat island trail drone view

Offbeat Goa: what life on an island looks like!

There exists within us a strong desire to escape to an island and reside there forever: travelling away from the exhausting urban chaos of a fast-paced life, to a land that’s quieter and relatively disconnected from everything that weighs us down. You cannot disagree with us! Keeping this in mind, we decided to explore what […]

a goan house with people standing around it

Houses of Goa – Why they’re not just “Portuguese”!

As Goans, we’re part of a heritage created through beautiful amalgamation of the many cultures that occupied it. An offbeat aspect of travelling in Goa are its houses. We’ve found them to be the most fascinating treasure troves of stories – interesting artefacts, wonderful motifs and so many more secrets that leave us wide-eyed and […]

Feni: Goa’s Magic Concoction

                          An insight into Goa’s special local drink! Written by Sharvani ChandvaleCover photo by Caden FernandesPictures by @Crishnaa.Madhavi unless specified otherwise. Come March and every corner of Goa is teeming with the sweet aroma of ripe Cashew apples. If you ever find your way to Cansaulim, you’d know waht we’re talking about! The monte leading […]


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