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Goan Festivals beyond the Carnival we bet you didn’t know about!

Goa’s gone down in history as the perfect escape from reality. Much to our disappointment, it is nothing more than a weekend getaway, defined only by its beaches, cheap alcohol and nightlife. Goa’s heritage is vivacious, vibrant and vocal of the turmoil it has been through, and we believe it needs to be celebrated more […]


My little known – Introducing Werlene Fernandes

As the sky turns a crimson hue, I stand up to dust myself off and with slippers in hand begin to head home. I turn back just for a moment. There’s something about this place.

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7 Offbeat Things to do in Goa in 2021

Goa’s no more sticking to just sightseeing – it’s becoming more! It’s talking about its past and its present, its many stories and experiences that have shaped it for what it is today. Goa smells of more than just fish thali now, plays local music more often these days, can be seen glistening in rivers […]

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Hypnosis made its way into Psychotherapy, thanks to this Goan Legend!

As Goans, we hear the Konkani phrase “kattor re bhaji” at least once somewhere or the other. The words are simple – “just cut the vegetables!” – but the motivation they convey and the encouragement they hold is insurmountable. You’re probably wondering how a phrase like that could encourage anyone, let alone a priest? Maybe […]

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7 Goan curries we bet you haven’t heard of!

Admit it, Goan cuisine is comfort food in itself, hitting all the right notes, while simultaneously bringing all the essential nutrition to the table! No matter what you pick, Goan food makes for a very wholesome meal that deserves an afternoon siesta. Yet today, Goan food is mainly defined by seafood fried a hundred different […]

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The Latin Quarters – a slice of Europe in Goa

There’s something about experiencing history first-hand by walking right through it – the rustic, dainty houses, the residents willingly spilling stories of a different time and winding lanes that take you straight through wonderland. Wouldn’t that be fun? There is a magical sense of wonder that fills us up as we walk through the Latin […]

Goa's Hidden Corners

Offbeat Goa: what life on an island looks like!

There exists within us a strong desire to escape to an island and reside there forever: travelling away from the exhausting urban chaos of a fast-paced life, to a land that’s quieter and relatively disconnected from everything that weighs us down. You cannot disagree with us! Keeping this in mind, we decided to explore what […]

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Goa’s Opinion Poll – how Goa fought for its identity!

“It’s a watershed; a turning point in Goa’s chequered History. The Result of the Opinion Poll saved our home. It saved our identity as Goans and our very existence in the world.”

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Houses of Goa – Why they’re not just “Portuguese”!

As Goans, we’re part of a heritage created through beautiful amalgamation of the many cultures that occupied it. An offbeat aspect of travelling in Goa are its houses. We’ve found them to be the most fascinating treasure troves of stories – interesting artefacts, wonderful motifs and so many more secrets that leave us wide-eyed and […]

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Feni: Goa’s Magic Concoction

                          An insight into Goa’s special local drink! Written by Sharvani ChandvaleCover photo by Caden FernandesPictures by @Crishnaa.Madhavi unless specified otherwise. Come March and every corner of Goa is teeming with the sweet aroma of ripe Cashew apples. If you ever find your way to Cansaulim, you’d know waht we’re talking about! The monte leading […]

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Busted: Is The Three Kings Chapel really haunted?

“It is believed that a certain priest once went exploring with his dog, carrying nothing but a kerosene lamp. He never returned. A version of this story says that the dog returned without the master. “