My little known – Introducing Werlene Fernandes

The sand feels damp yet firm.

As the water recedes, the sand buries my feet further into the ground.

Took a step further, the wind, whipping my hair across my face. The air felt crisp and could almost taste the salt in the air. I could feel my already difficult curly hair frizz up, but honestly, at that moment, it’s the least stressed I’ve felt in my life.

Looking to my left, there was that makeshift bridge. Just a few rickety planks of wood placed over that shallow pool that collects every monsoon. The algae carpeted it well, it looked magical. I always imagined being proposed to on that rickety bridge – our secret hideout.

A blaring siren distracts me, the coast guard is signalling bathing visitors off the bay. A few hawkers far off trying to impress the tourists with overpriced tidbits. Teenage couples strolling hand in hand and sneaking in a quiet moment. Kids building sand castles. And that beautiful labrador splashing away gleefully in the sun. The setting sun playing the perfect backdrop to a beautiful evening.

As the sky turns a crimson hue, I stand up to dust myself off and with slippers in hand begin to head home. I turn back just for a moment. There’s something about this place. This beautiful tiny Arrosim beach in South Goa, my happy place.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-16 at 19.53.39


I just spilled coffee all over my workstation. So much for the salty ocean air, daydreaming comes at a price.

But I’m still smiling as I mop up my mess.


And I guess that’s the thing about travel. It stays with you long after you’ve left the place.\

Daydreaming is only one of thousand things she specializes in! Hotshot Banker, Social Media Analyst, Blogger, Soul Traveller and our very own Happiness expert, meet Werlene Fernandes. When she’s looking after our write-ups, we sure are in safe hands.




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